10 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

December 17, 2019

“A true selfless act always sparks another.” – Klaus

Happy holidays lovelies! Christmas movies are a must-have in getting fully immersed into the holiday spirit and it’s a great way to celebrate! Not sure what to watch? No worries – I am sharing my fail-safe list guaranteed to warm your heart and add that extra magical touch to your holiday season!😊

1. Elf

This is a classic. Every year I watch this movie at least once. 🧝‍♂️Elf is the perfect film to keep everyone, young and old, entertained and amused. Follow Buddy as he travels beyond his home in the North Pole to the magic that is New York! (Note: You do not have to like New York to love this film.)

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Grinch is a mood😂

One of my all-time favorites- it’s about the Grinch! This film will melt even the most worn down and grumpiest of the family. This movie reminds me a lot about the strength and courage of kindness and its power to spread cheer to all. My favorite version of this movie is the live action one made in 2000 but the new animated version made in 2018 is a great watch too. The classic animated version is also a lovely must-watch.

3. Klaus

How unexpected! As someone who gets pretty enthusiastic about the holidays, I thought I had seen it all, but Klaus brings something fresh and new✨. Trust me when I say that you will probably dislike the main character immensely…at first. He barely has any redeeming qualities, but the film takes on an incredibly endearing perspective about the origin of Christmas. Watching this made me smile because it’s light yet wonderfully meaningful. Yes, I’ve told you nothing about the movie except the things that count because you need to watch this! Klaus is a beautifully animated film that introduces clever explanations for the origin of Christmas and the holiday traditions so well known today.

4. Christmas with the Kranks

A couple’s plans to skip Christmas is ruined by nosy neighbors and their daughter.

This is how I would explain the plot badly, yet it works. I can’t explain why this movie is enjoyable because most of the characters are not that likeable in the first place. It just is. It’s a family friendly film that kicks off the holiday spirit well. I played this at a friendsgiving M and I hosted, and everyone got so drawn to the movie, conversation stopped, and we actually finished the whole movie (which never happens).

5. Home Alone

You have probably heard of this and watched this film a bunch of times. A kid alone in a big house during the holidays, what could possibly go wrong? It’s entertaining and an iconic holiday classic.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas

I call this the “in case you miss Halloween and just realized it’s Christmas” holiday film. This is romance, music, and sheer fun all wrapped up in one!

7. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

I have seen this scene in memes so many times😂.

This is where the infamous see-through food meme comes from. It’s Disney’s take on the famous A Christmas Carol novel by Charles Dickens. It’s a lovely story about how Scrooge, your typical “Bah Humbug” type of character embraces the spirit of Christmas.

8. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Love this light classic. It’s the story of a reindeer that discovers that what makes him different is what makes him SHINE!

9. The Santa Clause (1-3)

I remember watching all the Santa Claus films with my family growing up. It’s a fun transformation type of film filled with magic, elves, reindeer, and family. Be sure to watch the sequels too!

10. Frozen

This is not technically a “Christmas” film, but it hits all the right notes of the holiday spirit. This beautiful Disney animation features the bond of a pair of sisters whose relationship struggles from loss and fear. Together they discover acceptance, love, and the power to rise above adversity. While it is not Christmas specific, because the film illustrates the power of love so well (a crucial ingredient to holiday spirit), I added this to the list!

What did I miss?

Did I missed some amazing films that should be on the list? Comment below and let me know! The films aren’t in any order but are all personal favorites I highly recommend. Let me know which ones you’ve watched!

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