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12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone That Has a Piece of Your Heart ♥️💝💖

February 12, 2020

Not sure what to get or do for your significant other, friend, or family for Love Day? Here’s a quick list of ideas to save the day!💘 *Note: all ideas were curated by a Valentine’s expert and enthusiast.

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I love Valentine’s Day!😍

I am all about the holidays and love preparing fun ways to celebrate with the people in my life. Some of these ideas are physical gifts and some are more about fun ways to spend quality time with someone.

Here’s are 12 ideas to inspire your Love Day celebrations. 😊

1. The Ultimate Snack Basket/Platter 😋🥨🍩

Create the ultimate goodie bag filled with both your and their favorite candies and treats! This is a cool and thoughtful way to personalize the gift. There are so many ways you can spin this. You don’t have to just stick to candies or even food. (For my own basket, I would add personal favorites like salami, gouda cheese, strawberry white chocolate truffles, chessman cookies, cotton candy grapes, and sweet and salty kettle corn.)

2. a Handwritten and Maybe Even Handcrafted Card 📝

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Go for funny. Go for romantic. Nothing says romance like a card. If you like adding a more person touch to the gift, you can also create the card yourself! If a paper card isn’t your thing, jazz things up with an e-card delivered straight to their inbox! I love cards. It feels like sending a love note. Something about it is cheesy yet heart-warming.

3. Create a DIY Art Piece Full of Heart – Frame a Moment🖼️

If you aren’t the most creative you can get ones like this from plenty of stores.

If you think you aren’t creative enough for this one, you’re wrong! It’s a cute way to capture and share a moment with someone. Design your own frame by painting or decorating an otherwise plain frame. If not, stores like Target also sell cute premade frames that make this an easy gift idea. All you have to do is print out a photo of you and them and add it!

4. a Gift Card so They Can Treat Themselves 💳

If you have a friend that lives far from you or you won’t have a chance to see often, let them know you’re thinking of them by sending a little sweetness their way. It’s not about the money but the little treat that lets them know they’re on your mind. Also, who doesn’t love gift cards?

5. Jewelry, a Timeless Classic✨

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Ah, the classic. You can gift your boo, friends, and family members a little bling to brighten their day. If you know your guy or gal has been eyeing that necklace or ring, surprise them with it!

6. Wow Them With Your Chef Skills👩‍🍳

Photo by DapurMelodi from Pexels

Skip the fancy (and pricey) dinner and opt for a warm, romantic meal for two. If you’re not a fan of cooking, join the club because you’re not alone! Make it an interactive activity by picking out a recipe together, going to the grocery store, and having your own cooking class at home. Still not spicy enough? Turn up the heat by making it a cooking competition! This is fun to do with friends and family too!

7. Who Doesn’t Love Flowers?💐🌹

Photo by Secret Garden from Pexels

I think flowers are a lovely tradition. It’s a sweet gesture. If you want to give the traditional gift with a twist, create your own bouquet. Use the language of flowers to spell out your thoughts in a creative way.                                                                                                                  

8. a Planned Date 📒

It can be as simple as planning out a dinner at that restaurant you know they love. Maybe let them know you’ll pick them up and they can rest easy by leaving it up to you for a surprise evening. Just asking someone out and taking them on a planned-out evening shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

9. a Movie Marathon 🎞️🍿

If you’re a homebody or just want a relaxing evening, go for a chill night with a movie marathon. Share your favorite rom coms or start a new show together. This is a cozy idea and a great way to celebrate.

10. Challenge Them to Skee Ball at an Arcade! 🥌🕹️

…or a racing game or two!

This is a cute and fun way to spend quality time (and satisfy your inner competitive spirit) with loved ones. Want an at-home option? Opt for video games at home!

11. Go to the Supermarket and Do a Snack Review 🛒

Grab your besties and go to the supermarket! Have each person pick out their favorites and some snacks they haven’t tried before. Have everyone try a little bit of each snack for a fun snack review.

12. Run an Errand or Help Them Check Something off Their To-Do List 🤗

If you notice that your family member, friend, or bae needs to run an errand, offer to do it for them. Just by offering to help them with their day says a lot. Maybe it’s walking the dog or picking up a charger because you know they need a new one. It shows you listen and it’s a thoughtful way to make someone’s day brighter.

What Are Some Ways You Celebrate?

I like to do a mix of gifts and plans to surprise my loved ones. I tried to incorporate both physical and non-physical gift type of ideas in this list to inspire your plans and hope you found this helpful. 😊 What are some ways you like to celebrate? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading.

Until next time,

V <3

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