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5 Days of Summer in Mexico

October 1, 2018

untitled-design1.pngLast week I came back from Mexico with the bae (M)! It was an amazing trip and I thought it would be interesting to share details and some vacation photo spam. It’s already fall but here’s some summer moments from the trip!


I love window seats on flights. I snapped this photo right before we landed.

Day 1

M and I stayed at the Grand Riviera Princess Resort in Mexico. We grabbed food at the buffet and explored the resort. There were tons of cats and Mexican raccoons (or coati) around the resort. The resort was beautiful.


the room



She was so friendly! Every time M and I walked by, she came over to say hello.

Day 2


We started out with breakfast at the buffet. Since we went to an all-inclusive resort, all the food was free (already included with the cost for our stay) at the resort. Breakfast featured a variety of different dishes and foods including fruits, a yogurt bar, salad bar, vegetarian options, and classic “American” breakfast items like hash browns, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.


We spent pretty much the whole day at the beach. The resort was directly connected to a private beach area. The water was warm and the weather was perfect. Whenever we got hungry, we went over to the snack bar for drinks and food (fries, burgers, wings, etc.)


There is nothing like a sweet, cold drink on a nice sunny day. My go-to drinks on the trip were mango tangos (pictured), mojitos, and pina coladas.


fries and wings from the snack bar

At night we made reservations to eat at the resort’s restaurants. We decided to try as many of their restaurants as we could. Food at their Asian themed restaurant was…strange and disappointing. Although, the dessert was the best we had out of the all the restaurants.



M got Mongolian Beef


I got a salmon and rice dish.


The dessert had berries, jam, and cream inside.

Day 3

Between the two of us, I’m the more adventurous one. This year, M surprised me by actually agreeing to do something a little different. We went to XPLOR, a jungle adventure park. This was one of my favorite days of the trip. We zip-lined, swam through caves, went on rafts, zip-lined on hammocks, and more. Admission to the park includes all of the park’s activities, snack bars, lunch, rest areas, lockers to put your stuff in at the park, helmets, and transportation. Their fruit juices were delicious (orange with chia seeds, guava, mango juice…). Although, I’m glad we looked at reviews beforehand to bring water shoes with us (sandals work too).


The cafeteria at XPLOR

*I wanted to include short clips from the park, but WordPress’ free version doesn’t support videos. 🙁

By the time we got back to the resort, it was time for dinner. This time it was at a steak house. This place had the most fun looking decor. The food was good and ended up being our best dinner experience.


The restaurant had a red and cow themed decor. (Hence, all the red light in the food photos.)


crab cake and fish salad


shrimp tempura


(tiny) beef tenderloin with a baked potato and macaroni and cheese on side

Day 4

The next day we were lucky that the weather was still great (September is their rainiest month). It was another beach day! Every night at the resort there is an evening show in the theater featuring dancing and singing. We went to almost every show. Some of my favorites were their Moana performance and 70s-80s show.



Iron Man from one of the evening shows we watched

Trying out the Swiss restaurant turned out to be a mistake. The only thing they served was cheese fondue. M and I have never had fondue before this. Sometimes when you try out something, it turns out to be an amazing discovery. Other times, it becomes an example of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”; stick to what you know. This unfortunately turned out to be just that.

42326747_293934727877120_9120389385500491776_n (1).jpg

I ended up eating the food without the cheese fondue (note to self: dipping shrimp in cheese fondue tastes gross). M was unimpressed with the food.

Day 5

How in the world did we manage to get five straight days of sunshine in September, Playa del Carmen’s rainiest month of year? It was another beach day for us. The water as still incredibly warm and much of it so clear, you can see your feet at the bottom.


We had Italian food for dinner and it was…another thumbs down. The appetizers were either salad or carpaccio. I didn’t know what carpaccio was (and I couldn’t google it since my phone didn’t have service) so…of course I ordered it.


I learned what Beef Carpaccio was and realized I wasn’t a fan.

Dinner was another disappointment but overall it was still a wonderful day. At night, the resort hosted a night market with vendors selling various items. There were artists selling paintings, sculptures, jewelry, etc. My sister had asked me to get her a souvenir. Years ago, I had gotten a beautiful handmade bag from Mexico before so I was hoping to get another one as a souvenir for her. Instead of getting basic souvenirs like key chains, little statues, etc. (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I thought a bag would be a more handy and unique piece for her.


update: she loved the bag


the detail on the bag is stunning

I hope you enjoyed this little travel log of our trip! I had such a great time in Mexico and writing this post was a fun way for me to share it. Have you been to Mexico? Let me know in the comments below! Got the travel bug? Share this post with someone you would like to go traveling with.

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