5 Festive Holiday and Winter Wear Ideas

December 23, 2019

Happy holidays lovelies!🎄⛄

With the holiday season at full throttle, I am excited to share some outfit ideas to inspire your festive looks and help you renew your love for some pieces that may already be in your closet! Tired of wearing the same exact outfit to every event?😩No worries, here are some quick and easy outfit ideas and combos that are sure to help you spice up your look!✨

Wrap It up with a Bow

If you like to be comfortable, practical, and warm without sacrificing a good outfit, consider a blouse and trouser combo. Pairing a blouse and tucking it into trousers gives shape and creates a balanced look. This is also an easy combo especially since you might already have trousers and a blouse in your wardrobe. It’s a clean, polished look that is sleek and made to boost your confidence!

Be There and Be Square (with Necklines)

I was skeptical about the square neckline trend, but I have been persuaded! It really is all in the details for this look. I find the neckline super flattering and elegant. With loud tops like this one (by loud, I mean a top with a lot of things going on), I like to keep it simple with basic and neutral bottoms like this skirt or pants. Even a pair of black jeans would go very well with this. I love to add dainty necklaces with this look too!

Sweater Weather

Take full advantage of sweater weather and design your party look with a fun and festive sweater. Bold colored or patterned sweaters scream “FESTIVE” and “I PUT EFFORT IN” without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Best of all? Odds are you probably already have one in your closet. Note: ugly Christmas sweaters are enthusiastically encouraged! They spark laughter and fun that is guaranteed to be a great icebreaker.  

Go Plaid About It

My current winter staple? Patterned skirts! It’s important that pieces in my wardrobe are versatile. Patterned skirts are great to spice up work outfits AND bring that extra pop to a holiday party or event. Moreover, they’re actually one of the few things that are classy all year long! They go with almost any top. Neutral tops? Yep. Sweaters? Definitely. Those cute blouses in your closet that don’t go with anything? Oh yes!

Dress It Up

I ended up keeping this dress from my try-on haul and wore it to an event

Dresses effortlessly bring a look together. For this holiday season, bold and bright colors and styles can be a fun way to announce your presence at a party or event. If you’re someone who likes more neutral colors, playing with textures can be a great way to elevate a look. For the holidays, velvet is a fun fabric that never goes out of style. Details like ruffles or puff sleeves bring some appreciated flare to an otherwise basic piece. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, wear some fleece stockings with your dress or throw on some knee or thigh-high boots!

What is your go-to look for a holiday party?

Which of these combos are your favorite? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post as I much as I loved sharing it!

P.S. If you enjoy try-on hauls, I share a winter try-on video featuring these pieces on my Instagram. It’s a more detailed look of these items.

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