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5 Free and Fun Apps to Spice up Your Instagram Game

January 13, 2020

Want to spruce up your Instagram game? Here are five apps I use to edit content and spice up my feed.

1. Lightroom

I use the Lightroom app to edit the photos on my feed. I use it for color correction and to brighten up photos. There is also a paid version for more advanced features, but I find that the free version of the app has all the capabilities I need. I usually just play with tones and try to add contrast and vibrancy to lift the images up.

2. Milkshake

This app helps you do more with the link in your bio. Since Instagram only allows you to add one link to the bio section, Milkshake creates a mobile mini website that you can customize and add more content to. I use mine to link to my food account and blog and tell readers a bit about me. The app has a lot of templates you can choose from and customize.

I use the app to create a link page from my IG bio


I only use this app for my food feed. It is a lighter editing app with fewer features than Lightroom but still gets the job done. VSCO is great for adding contrast and making quick edits.

I like using VSCO for my food photos to add vibrancy and correct lighting.

4. InShot

This is a great video editing app. You can trim and edit clips, add music, and fun little graphics as well! One drawback is that it is limited in capabilities for editing the video quality and features (there’s very few effects such as filters for video clips and lighting adjustment).

5. Pixaloop

Love their cool logo!

This is such a fun one! I rarely use this one, but it’s a great way to shake things up with different content. This app adds motion to your photos. For instance, if you have a photo by the ocean, you can use this app to make it seem like the waves are moving in your photo! Pretty cool!

I used Pixaloop to create a smoky effect for this image

Other Resources:

  • PicsArt: Occasionally I use this app if I want to add stickers to photos and some fun cartoons.
  • Captioner.me: This is a website I use to help me format my captions. You can also change fonts too. Instead of downloading another app, this site is a quick and easy resource to adjust spacing in captions for readability.
  • Colorkuler: This is a fun site I use sometimes to see the color palette of my feed. I don’t plan my feed but noticed another blogger using this site and thought it was cool to see what colors were mainly present on my feed. (My feed seems to fluctuate between different grays and my food one is usually warmer, leaning towards a more orange tone).

What apps do you use?

I don’t use many apps, but I find that these are great specifically focused resources to curate content for Instagram. What do you use to edit photos? Let me know in the comments!

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