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5 Fun Ways to Spend Time with People You Love

August 8, 2019

Hey loves!

I thought it would be fun to change things up and share a little life update. This past weekend, my sister came over and it was awesome to spend quality time together and catch up. Sometimes life can be hectic and time consuming, but it’s super important for me to make time for my loved ones. If you were looking for something fun to do with family, friends, or your boo, try some of these! I thought it would be fun to share some activities we did that you can enjoy with your loved ones too! 🙂

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1. Channel Your Inner Artist

Painting can be a fun and relaxing activity that takes the pressure from having to find something to chat about. If you and your friend/sibling/whoever is no painter – even better! Trust me, no artistic ability is needed (I would know). It will make the experience even more rewarding and hilarious. I recommend following a tutorial from YouTube for some inspiration and direction. My sister and I painted these following Bob Ross’ Delightful Meadow Home tutorial:

This was so hard to do! At the end I know we didn’t get it to look exactly like Bob Ross’, but it was still a super fun challenge.

What do you think? 🙂

2. Pop in a Movie for Some Good Old Home Cinema

Pick a movie no one has watched yet and grab a snack! We ended up watching Shazam which ended up being just okay (the first half of the movie was bit lackluster, Captain Marvel is the better movie honestly).

I recommend setting up a projector at home if you can. The big screen imitates a movie theater experience and it’s well worth the investment.

3. Grab Lunch from a Favorite

We ending up getting some ramen! <3

Eating! This is a winner for everyone. If they don’t like art and you don’t feel like watching a movie, go out for a yummy experience! Who says no to food?

4. Cook Together

expectations: how I think I look in the kitchen
reality: what everyone else is seeing

Now, hear me out. Even if you don’t like cooking, this is something to try because cooking together with someone is a THOUSAND times better than cooking on your own. It’s also an excuse to go grocery shopping (a totally underrated activity). Food brings people together and it tastes even better when made with someone you love. (Seriously, love is the secret ingredient to all good food).

5. Challenge Them to the Ultimate Showdown

Games are fun and a great crowd-pleaser. The key is to pick the right game. If you have the Nintendo Switch I recommend playing Mario Party or Just Dance. Mario Party has a bunch of mini games that can be tons of fun. If you are up for something a bit more active, Just Dance is a game where you literally just dance.

If you feel like you want to test the strength of your relationships, play Overcooked! It’s an amazing Indie game available on PC. Try this and you will not be disappointed! It’s a cooking game where you prep ingredients and cook different recipes under a time limit. Fair warning: it can be a tad stressful and you may end up shouting at each other in frustration. I could go on and on about this game, but it is sheer awesomeness.

This chaotic game is so addicting we played for 5 HOURS and we still aren’t sick of it. I tried looking for a graphic that gives a good example of what playing the game is like and this pretty much sums up the level of chaos.

Lastly, if you like old school board games better, I recommend Monopoly. Just kidding! Try Blokus. It’s addicting to play and is really as much fun with 2 players as it is with 3 or more. Bonus: it’s affordable at about $12 available at Amazon and Target.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you found this helpful. I know life can be stressful and hectic but don’t forget to take time off for yourself and your loved ones! What’s a fun activity you like to do with your family? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for my next post coming soon!

Until next time,

V <3

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