5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Summer Day

July 12, 2018


If you’re like me, summer is a busy season with lots to do but so little time! Moreover, I find myself in a constant battle between wanting to take a lazy day off but also hating the idea of “wasting” a day by doing nothing. Whether you’re a homebody, an outdoorsy adventurer, or somewhere in between- no biggie! I’ve compiled 5 great ways to spend a summer day that don’t involve too much of a time commitment, $$, or any commitment really.I’ve included some of my favorite indoor and outdoor activities that will leaving you feeling refreshed and comfy rather than tired and drained! These are some of the ways I like to spend my summer day if I have a few days off, 1 day off, or even just an afternoon!

My top 5 favorites are:

1. Go on a Mini Road Trip


Road trips can be a great way to feed your inner wanderlust! Rather than go to the more touristy/crowded places, I like to check out nearby towns and cities. Trust me, I’ve found a lot of hidden gems this way. A place I would suggest if you ever find yourself in the Northeastern area in the US is New Hope, PA. It’s a small town with cute little shops and boutiques and great scenery. Also, if you like taking photos, this is a nice spot. Day trips are great because you don’t need a lot of money to have a good time and there’s less planning that needs to be done beforehand compared to overnight or more long-term trips.

2. Binge-Watch a New Show


This goes out to all my fellow homebodies out there! Sometimes, it’s nice to just have a relaxing day. I like to snuggle up in bed with a book (and bae) or binge-watch a show or new movie. Especially when it is WAY TOO HOT outside, this is a cool way to duck the heat (pun absolutely intended). I’m currently watching the last season of the show Breaking Bad right now (I know, I’m late to the show) so feel free to leave recommendations on what I should watch next! Oh, and quick tip before a starting a movie – make sure to bring snacks!

3. Take a Dip in a Pool


If you’re too lazy to drive to the beach or actually want to swim, take a pool day. Best of all, it’s exercise without you having to feel like it is! If you have a friend that has one, great but if you’re like the rest of the majority of everyone else you probably don’t have a backyard pool or knows anyone else who has one. I recommend signing up for a membership at a local YMCA to go swimming or locating a community pool near you! Most charge a small fee of $5-8 for a day pass to swim.

4. Eat Out or In


I’m a foodie so I love every excuse I can get to eat. Do you have a place you’ve always wanted to try but “haven’t got the time”? Go for it! If you’re like me, then unfortunately, that place requires a reservation a decade in advance and your life savings to afford a meal. Fortunately, there IS a solution to your problem. Cook it yourself! This is great because: 1. You’re probably going to save a lot of $$ and 2. You’ll get to pick up new cooking skills along the way! Some things I’ve done at home at a fraction of the price are lobster rolls, crab cakes, and steak. I don’t like cooking AT ALL but boy, do I love eating.  Let me know if you’d like me to share some recipes!

5. Go Grocery Shopping


I don’t understand the appeal of walking around a mall window shopping but, I totally get it when it comes to grocery shopping. For one, unlike the mall, you’re supposed to be spending $$ on a grocery visit. I mean, who has ever felt guilty for going grocery shopping? It’s fun to check out new foods and snacks and it is a HUGE way to save, especially if you’re a foodie. Rarely, do I ever make quick trips to the grocery store because I almost always end up spending a good amount of time at the local supermarket. Is that just me?

What’s great about these activities is that you can do them solo, with a pal, or with bae! These are my top ways to spend a summer day, what are yours? Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you like to do on your day off!


  • Reply
    August 14, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    These are some great tips! I legit spend most of my day watching Netflix so literally every day is my relaxation day.

    • Reply
      Snuggles and Tea
      August 14, 2018 at 6:14 pm

      Relaxation days are the best days (and it’s great for every season).

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