A Letter to Myself: Hi “Me”

July 17, 2019

Hi loves!
It has been a year since I started blogging. A year used to feel like such a long time when I was younger, now it feels too fast! Still, it’s crazy how many things can change in that short period of time. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve grown up just a bit more? Looking back to the past can be a strange thing and I thought I would capture some thoughts in a letter to my past self.

Hi Me (this already sounds strange),

  1. First and foremost, thanks for starting this blog! It’s opened so many doors. It has made you more open to sharing experiences and a slightly better writer (this is a still a work in progress). It’s also gotten you out of your comfort zone in a good way. More importantly, it’s been so much fun! You fell off the wagon a few times with posting each week, but you’ve been doing better on that front. 😊
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others in an unhealthy way. Don’t be so easily discouraged! There’s so much to learn and do, there’s just no time to waste on self-doubt. Stop believing you’re not talented, smart, or “whatever” enough to be successful in your goals. Those are excuses. Continue applauding others in their journey and keep working on ways to improve yourself so that you can be the best version of you.
  3. Girl, please for the love of all things holy change your phone already! You have cherished and loved your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone since high school. The thing barely works, the screen flashes randomly, it makes calls on its own, and might even be possessed at this point. Oh, and the camera quality is atrocious. Your new Google Pixel 3 will be amazing, and you might go a bit bonkers with taking photos everywhere. Oh, but wait until after your internship because that’s when you’ll have the $$ to actually get it.😉
  4. You know this already, but you eat A LOT. Eat less.
    Just kidding! Really though, start planning your meals and budgeting better. Food is your biggest expense and according to online statistics, you eat as much food as the average American household. -_-
  5. Have fun with social media and don’t be afraid to try different things! Don’t be intimidated by software or apps like Lightroom. Color correction will do wonders for your photos. Be more open with your followers and people you follow. The girl community on IG is incredibly supportive and amazing!
  6. Stay true to yourself but don’t get too comfy. You should branch out more beyond your comfort zone but make sure it stays true to your core values. As you learn and grow you’ll be leaving this nice, quiet zone a lot more. It sounds scarier than it is. Trust me, it is less like trying new things but more like discovering new paths for yourself.
  7. Chin up! Stop nitpicking on yourself. You have your faults but if you don’t work on them, they’ll always be faults. Furthermore, if there is something you truly don’t like about yourself – ask yourself “why”. Is it really that you don’t like it or is it because of experiences or something else that made you dislike certain physical or intangible features about yourself?
  8. Thank you for not being a huge spender (well, except for food). Living = lots of expenses. Be smart about what you do with your money and how you can invest it. Do your research, stay informed, and start investing ASAP.
  9. Don’t forget to check on your friends and family more often. Everyone is busy but that’s just part of life. They feel the same way you do. They’re not too busy for you so stop being stubborn and make the move to reconnect in your relationships.

I think I used to hate you but looking back, I just don’t think I understood you. You needed more patience than I thought I was capable of and there were lessons that had yet to be learned. I won’t end this letter with an “until next time” like I usually do in my posts because that makes it seem like I will revisit “you” aka this chapter of my life. Instead, I’ll end this with a future update – you’ll be graduating sooner than you think and happier than you could believe! 😊

Much love,

V <3

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