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A Month of Christmas

December 31, 2018

Hi loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and lovely winter season! The holidays kind of snuck up on me this year and I have been away for a while spending time with family and friends 😊. There has been a lot of festivities, fun, and FOOD (my favorite combo of F words). I wanted to share some life updates with you, so here’s a little holiday log! WARNING: LOTS OF FOOD PHOTOS- I would not recommend reading this while hungry.

Christmas is only one day but let’s be honest- it is more like a month-long affair.

12/08 – Potluck Night

M made delicious Honey BBQ Wings

This year, M and I had a potluck with friends. I was excited to do Secret Santa for presents. Secret Santa is a way to exchange presents where each person in a group is responsible for one other person’s present. The fun is that no one knows who anyone is getting a present for and at the gift exchange, that is revealed when people start opening their presents. It was fun and my secret Santa (one of our friends, we’ll call him Lo) got me some bath bombs and a selfie stick. This was such a perfect and thoughtful gift because I am always trying to take group photos of us, but it can be a struggle trying to fit everyone in the frame, so this has been super helpful. Also, I love bath bombs came in an adorable little tub. M got a nice jacket (which I am excited to wear :’D) from our friend Lana (his Secret Santa). Who else likes to wear their boyfriend’s clothes?

12/21 – Girls and Co.

Every year me and my girlfriends make sure to meet up for the holidays no matter how busy things are. It has been harder to see them because of our conflicting school and work schedules so I’m glad we had a chance to hang out. I have known these girls for years and they are tremendous people (so grateful for these supportive girlfriends 😊). It was my first time trying Malaysian food and it was delicious.

seafood chow fun with LOTS of gravy
sizzling beef

Of course, there’s always room for dessert.

12/22 – Birthday Surprises

We surprised Lana for his birthday and had all our friends surprise him at the restaurant. I have been craving hot pot for a while and the food was delicious! Since we were celebrating his birthday a week early, he had no clue!

For more food photos, check out my food IG @snugglesandtea

12/23 – Snowboarding

an example of how I snowboarded :’)

M and I went snowboarding with my family (it’s our first time going). Let me tell you – I ROLLED down the slopes like the complete newbie I was. I did 10% actual snowboarding, maybe and 90% tumbling. It was a lot of fun but snowboarding is SO DIFFICULT. Not to mention, my entire body was aching for days! ☹ I still can’t wait to go again though, haha.

TIP: I was able to get an awesome price for us ($50.90/person) which included rental gear, lift tickets, a group lesson, and admission for the day. If you are new to snowboarding or skiing and are on a budget, I would recommend trying to go with a group of people (at least with two others) to get a group price. It can be much cheaper and more fun to tumble with friends and family together!

12/24 – Christmas Eve

I had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with M’s family. Their apple pancakes (I’m sure they aren’t actually called that but that’s what they are) are so yummy!

M and I gave each other our Christmas gifts early. My favorite was this necklace he got me! 😊 He’s adorable! <3

12/25 – Christmas Day

My family came over and we had Christmas lunch with his family (this time at his sister’s). After, M and I went over to my family’s for Christmas dinner. We essentially travelling to and from meals basically. There were so much food (a recurring theme here). Also, we ended up watching two Christmas classics (FINALLY). Have you ever had a movie you knew the whole plot of but have never actually watched the whole thing beginning to end? Well, that was Home Alone for me. It was hilarious, and I am adding it to my list of holiday must-watch films for next year. The other movie, we watched was (from 2000) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (my all time favorite).  I have been wanting to watch the new 2018 animated one but haven’t had the chance to. If you’ve seen it, comment below and let me know what you thought of it!

M’s sister baked a coconut gluten-free cake

12/27 – Bowling

We went bowling with friends. Someone tell me the secrets to bowling because I am a member of the gutter [ball] gang and need a way out (TT_ TT).

12/29 – the Target Trap

During this holiday season, I fell victim to Target. M and I went in with a list of five items and walked out with Valentine’s day goodies (I know it is over a month away but the stuff was cute and cheap), snacks, purple hair dye (my hair is now purple lol), a yoga mat, and a ton of other random things I swear we needed. Comment below if you want to know more about our Target haul (possible Target haul post?).

Afterwards, we went back and made dip to prepare for friends coming over to watch the UFC. I don’t really know what the UFC is, but it was a bunch of matches where people fight. M and his friends like to watch it and they bring food so it’s okay with me :D.

If you made it this far…

And aren’t hungry yet, then you have a willpower made of steel. I am getting hungry just from remembering all the food I ate already (anyone else have moments like this?). These were some highlights from my December adventures and I hope you enjoyed this little food log/holiday recollection with me! I hope your holidays were merry and your time with loved ones were warm and cozy!

How did you spend your holiday season? Let me know in the comments below! Show love if you enjoyed this post! 😊

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