🍯🍗An Easy Dinner Idea Sure to Please– Baked Honey BBQ Wings

February 3, 2020

Hey lovelies!💕

Tired of eating the same old foods? Need something easy and delicious to spice things up? Try some homemade, oven-baked honey BBQ wings!

Honey BBQ Wings You’ll Love

The Recipe

Why settle for basic, when you can go the extra mile without the effort? I love this Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings recipe from Food. It’s one of those recipes that are great for lunch, dinner, or for when you have friends and family over.🤩

The Results

I ended up using larger chicken wings than the ones used in the original recipe and it worked out well (I made more of the sauce to accommodate for the larger wings). What I love about this recipe is that you can easily substitute some of the ingredients out and make the sauce based on your preference (taste and add to it as you would like). I used sriracha instead of hot sauce for the recipe and went without paprika (since I didn’t have any).

the sauce was a bit too thin but it worked well with the wings
The wings baked well in the oven – don’t forget to flip them halfway through your baking time!

Note: You can use this recipe for other cuts of chicken but make sure to adjust your cooking time to make sure everything is cooked well.

Thanks for reading!

I enjoyed this recipe and hope you will too! All you have to do is season the wings, make the sauce, and bake the wings. Overall it’s a nice stress-free dinner. If you like more dinner ideas like this, let me know in the comments. 😊

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