ArabellaSwim Swimsuits – Yay or Nay?

September 17, 2018

On Instagram there are a lot of cute boutiques and clothing shops. I rarely buy clothes from unfamiliar brands (especially ones with no return policies ☹), but I decided to try out ArabellaSwim’s swimsuits. Their swimsuits looked amazing on the site AND they were having a sale (the true motivator for purchases).For selfless service.png

Suit 1


I ordered two swimsuits since the site was offering a buy one, get one free deal.  I got their Viera set in white. It’s a simple design with cute buttons on the top and bottom. A cool detail that surprised me is that the top could actually be unbuttoned. The straps are adjustable which is a huge plus. However, it’s unwearable. It includes removable pads which is great, but the fabric of the suit itself was so thin that when I wear the top, you could see the distinct outline of the pads making it look extremely awkward. The pads are removable, but the fabric is so thin that it would be way more see-through than I am comfortable with if I took them out (not very water/family-friendly). I will probably have to give this one away ☹.

Suit 2


If you read my review on NastyGal, you know I’ve been obsessed with bright yellows and orange colors so I decided to get their Aleia set in orange. This set is so cute! The colors were just as pictured on the site. The tie detail on the top is what initially caught my eye. The tie can be removed if you like the top without it too. This suit included removable pads but no adjustable straps. The length of the straps were fine for me, but the bottoms fit weirdly. It was perfect for my waist but too tight around my bum. The site only allows you to purchase the same size for the top and bottom which is a bummer since I could definitely have sized up on the bottom (I am a US size 2/small). Although, the bottoms are so cheeky, I’m not sure whether sizing up would have helped at all. I don’t know how anyone could possibly swim in this without flashing everything. The top is okay so I will probably pair it with another swim bottom.

Overall Thoughts


The suits came together in one package. Inside, both suits were packaged separately in cute ArabellaSwim bags. It took about 2.5 weeks for the suits to ship to me from when I placed my order. This is understandable since the suits were shipped all the way from China (based on the tracking info).  I was excited when I got the suits but disappointed when I tried them on. The fit was okay, but the cheap fabric was such a deal breaker. It’s great that there were pads (no risk of poking out) and adjustable straps but if the suits are basically unwearable, I think it’s an automatic 0/10. If the company invested in a slightly thicker material (so that the pads aren’t completely seen through the suit) and the fabric was a bit less stiff and rough, both suits would easily have been a 10/10. I was surprised because both suits aren’t exactly the cheapest either ($30+ for each set).

Overall, the suits are a “no” for me. I usually purchase slightly pricier swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret. I recommend their swimwear instead because their sizing, fit, fabric, and designs are always on point and well worth the price (when they’re on sale). Where do you get your swimsuits? Let me know in the comments below!

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