📚📲 Easy Free Reads on the Go – 10 Webtoons You Should Be Reading

January 24, 2020

Hey lovelies!

I love reading different types of contents and a guilty pleasure of mine is reading weekly chapter updates from Webtoon!👓 Looking for a quick, easy read on the go? Try some of my Webtoon favorites!

Wait, what’s Webtoon?

Webtoons are digital comics that usually have a format optimized for mobile reading. Webtoon (the app) provides free webtoons that you can read right from your phone by a variety of creators, featuring many genres.  

Here some of my favorites (not in order)!

1. Edith


I will probably say this about many of these amazing works, but the ART is so PRETTY!🌹 It’s your not so typical love story centered around Edith, a girl who followed her dream as a novelist and achieved it! However, she struggles with confidence and finding her way with romance. I love all the character’s styles here.

2. Cursed Princess Club


me whenever food is involved

It’s your princess fairy tale with a lovely twist!👑 Gwendolyn is a kind soul who radiates warmth to everyone she meets. Well, she might not seem like it at first glance, but once you get to know her story, you’ll be addicted and anxiously anticipating the next update! It’s hilarious!

3. Tower of God


The action scenes are amazing!

🗡️I have always loved adventure and fantasy genres, but this one takes the cake! The characters are multidimensional and their changes throughout the story is amazing! My personal favorites are the relationships between Black Turtle, the Alligator, and the Blue Turtle (I used the character’s nicknames so I wouldn’t spoil too much).  

4. Odd Girl Out


Honestly Mirae is me

👭This is one of the few times I would recommend anyone to read drama. Usually I am not a big fan of a story with so many “backstories” because it can feel like fillers, but this is the exception. Trust me when I say you’ll thoroughly enjoy learning about the characters and seeing how Nari and her friends overcome it all!

5. Eleceed


Jiwoo (the main protagonist) is so incredibly precious! You will also fall in love with Mr. Kayden, the secret agent on the run turned…fluffy orange cat.🐈🐾 This is a must-read! Superpowers, cats, and super sleek art- what’s not to love?

6. True Beauty


From this…
…to this!

The artwork is so beautiful!💗 Follow along as shy, horror fan and comic book reader transforms into confident, cosmetic artist! The art is super stunning, and I get so much fashion inspiration from here!

7. Yumi’s Cells


I think the author sums it up well, “a story of Yumi and her brain cells”. Instead of rooting for Yumi to get together with any of the male protagonists, as I continue to read, I find myself just rooting for Team Yumi!✊

When I say I have one brain cell left, it’s usually hunger cell

8. The Gamer


Ever wished you could level up in life the way you can power up in games? If you love video games and action-packed adventure, this is for you!

9. Lore Olympus


One of my favorite scenes from the webtoon!

I love the stories from Greek mythology and this one is a unique retelling of the taking of Persephone! The art is stunning (I know I have said a bunch of times already, but it truly is) and you’ll come to board the Hades and Persephone ship🛳️ before you know it!

10. Where Tangents Meet


This webtoon brings back fond memories for me because it is one of the first ones I read when I discovered Webtoon! The hopeless romantic in me just can’t help but cheer for Landon and Rachelle. It’s also a short read and great for getting started with Webtoon!

Have you read any webtoons?

What are your favorites? I love webtoons because they’re such an easy and fun read on the go. As always thanks for reading! If you love this content and want to see more, subscribe to my site for notifications!🌟

Until next time,

V <3

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