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Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)! <3

February 17, 2019

Happy Love Day! <3 I hope your Valentine’s holiday has been going well. Whether you have been spending the day with your boo, your pals, or just with your lovely self, I hope your holiday has been sweet, relaxing, and full of joy! 😊

Relaxing and staying in…

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays- even when I was single. I love celebrations and for me, it has always been a celebration of love (not just the romantic type). It’s a day (really more like a week long affair) when I like to take more time and effort to remind the people in my life about how special they are and how much I appreciate them.
Since M came to my life, the holiday has only gotten more special and exciting for me. 🙂

Roses from M <3

M and I went to get groceries the day before to get ingredients for dinner since we didn’t want to be caught in the Valentine’s rush at the grocery store. I love going out especially during the holidays because stores are all decorated and you see everyone kind of rushing to prep for a holiday themed dinner, date, or a party.

It’s been a busy several weeks for the both of us so we decided to opt out of going out and stay in to enjoy a nice dinner inside instead. We lit some candles, played some nice relaxing music, and ate a DELICIOUS steak dinner (courtesy of Chef M). I helped but it was really more of me snacking and him cooking (taste-testing is an important job, you know). Thanks babe! <3

We picked up this pink Moscato to pair with dinner. I’m a big fan of sweet wines and this was like drinking sparkly, fruit juice. If you like something light and sweet (that doesn’t break the bank), this is for you!
BEFORE: We oven baked french beans with olive oil, sesame seeds, salt, and pepper.
AFTER: Yum! Lightly seasoned with a slight crispiness.
M has perfected his steak recipe and this has become one of my favorite dishes of all time. He sears filet mignon cuts in a cast iron skillet and then pops it in the oven for a thorough cook.
The steaks were cooked medium and tasted tender and flavorful. Paired with the homemade mash potatoes, french beans, and sweet wine, it was perfection on a plate.
Lastly, dessert is a must! 🙂 This fruit tart was delicious!
Some of my favorite gifts from M were a Squishable plushie (it’s so SOFT) and a wonderful card. It was fun to surprise him with a box of his favorite chocolates and sweets. I sort of made him go on a brief scavenger hunt for them which was hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of my holiday celebration. How was your Love Day? Did you stay in and relax? Go out with the gal pals? Dress up for a date? Let me know in the comments! As a hopeful romantic, I love hearing about people’s stories and their experiences (so please do share)!

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