HelloFresh – Is it worth it?

August 23, 2018


I love to cook eat. Do you? I tried out HelloFresh, a meal-kit subscription service and cooked two meals with my boyfriend M.

What’s HelloFresh?

It’s a subscription service where you choose from a selection of weekly recipes provided by the service. You pay based on the option you choose, and they ship already prepared produce and ingredients for the recipe in amounts you already need (no measuring needed).

What does it cost?

I actually received a coupon code through the mail to try the service for the first time. I tried their Classic Box option which included two meals for two people (four portions total). This option is usually $39.96 but with my discount code, my total (including shipping) came to about $15.

Was it good?

There were several options to choose from. Since I was trying the service for the first time, I wasn’t too adventurous with my choices. M and I ended up making Wasabi Zinger Salmon and Bulgogi Chicken Thigh Tacos.


Wasabi Zinger Salmon over Jasmine Rice and Green Beans


Bulgogi Chicken Thigh Tacos with Pickled Cucumbers and Sriracha Crema

The ingredients came in an insulated box (to keep ingredients fresh) and recipe cards. The recipes had easy to follow instructions and included useful information like preparation time needed, total estimated time for cooking, and calorie count. It also included neat suggestions like wines that would go well with each dish.

M and I paired it with one of our favorite sweet wines, Roscato. Both dishes were great but the salmon one was my favorite. I’ll definitely be recreating that one again!

Is it worth it?

Overall rating: B+

Taste – 8/10

Both dishes were delicious. Neither the salmon or tacos left you with a heavy, food baby. They were filling but light on the tummy. The portions were nice, not too much or too little. Although, if you’re like me and eat a lot, you might end up eating more than just your share (sorry M!).

Cost – 7/10

I spent really only about $15 for 4 portions which is fantastic (that’s like spending $4 per meal). Based on that I would have given this a 10/10, however I chose to rate it at its usual price. Even with the original pricing of about $40 for 4 portions, the subscription service is not too expensive. As a college student I don’t see this as an alternative option to grocery shopping, but it could be a more affordable option compared to eating out.

Convenience – 10/10

You don’t have to do much, prep time for both recipes were spot on. I set a timer for how long I spent for prep work and it was around the same time listed in the recipes (10 minutes each).

Fun – 10/10

A review wouldn’t be complete without accounting for the fun factor. I made these dishes with my boyfriend M. It was a fun, easy dinner date night idea. The food tasted great and it was nice putting it all together. Honestly, I was having a total master chef moment.


Thanks for reading! This was such a fun experience. Have you tried HelloFresh? I recommend you try the service for yourself (don’t forget to do a google search on coupons/discount codes)! Let me know if you would like me to do more reviews on food!




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    August 27, 2018 at 12:57 am

    Your blog is so cute! I love it and I also love the sound of weekly subscription meal box but the $$$, not so much haha. Do you still have to cook it or does it come pre-made/prepared?

    • Reply
      Snuggles and Tea
      August 27, 2018 at 1:25 pm

      Thanks! It is expensive but if you’re trying it for the first time and use a coupon code, it’s pretty affordable! You still have to cook it but the process is pretty fast and easy since everything else is prepped and washed already.

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