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How I Finally Surprised My Boyfriend for His Birthday

April 20, 2019

I have been trying to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday for years now and I FINALLY SUCCEEDED! Want to surprise your significant other for their birthday? Ditch the traditional roses and romantic dinner plans – spice things up by doing something different and exciting! I guarantee they won’t expect this! (Mine definitely didn’t!)

I am that person who gets super excited about birthdays. I enjoy surprises and love planning them even more! Unfortunately, every year my boyfriend M always manages to figure out the surprise before his birthday. He’s great at picking up little clues and even better at reading me!

This year I decided to surprise him by taking him go-karting and to dinner at a hot pot place with our friends. He loves cars (The Grand Tour fans anyone?) and has never gone go-karting before so I figured this was something he would enjoy.

The Top 4 Racers (Lana, M, Lo, Deez) .
The hot pot was delicious!
Afterwards, we got some yummy gelato and headed over to Lo’s with the peeps.

If you need some gift/surprise ideas, here’s 3 quick tips to help you plan something for your lovebug.

Get him:

  1. The gift he needs. This might sound like a no-brainer but maybe he mentioned once about needing gloves, gym bag, or some new pants for work. Gifts that are need based are easy and something that is guaranteed to be useful for your boo.
  2. The gift he wants. When in doubt ask him the type of things he likes or wants. I would recommend asking months in advance (and somewhat casually/discretely) so you still get an element of surprise. For M, it was hotpot. We typically had 2 places we went to for hotpot so he assumed we would go there. A new hotpot spot recently opened which helped the surprise element since he didn’t even know the place existed.
  3. The gift he didn’t know he wanted. For M, I knew he liked cars, high speeds, The Grand Tour, etc. so I thought he would like go-karting (which he ended up enjoying a lot). If you want to be a bit adventurous, this is a good option. It helps to think about what your gf/bf enjoys overall and do some research on what is available in the area.

Bonus Tip:

Get his friends in on it. They can help you coordinate and might have unexpected ideas too! (Thanks Spicy Salsa gang for helping me celebrate M’s birthday!)

Thanks for reading this post. I hope your next surprise for your bf/gf/boo will be amazing! What’s the best surprise you have ever received or given? Let me know in the comments below! 😊 Also, for those celebrating the holiday – Happy Easter Weekend!

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