I Try Cooking with GoReadyMade

September 24, 2018

I like LOVE eating. Unfortunately, usually that means someone has to do the cooking. I am not a huge fan of cooking so I’m always looking for ways to simplify the process without sacrificing the taste. This time, I tried GoReadyMade, a meal prep subscription service.

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What’s GoReadyMade?

Their website actually does a great job of explaining this. Basically, they are a meal prep subscription service.


You pick from a selection of meal kits they offer and they send you prepared  ingredients (all the chopping/washing is already done for you). When you get the kits, you only have to cook the ingredients to have a finished meal.

Is it really that simple?

I chose the option of 4 meals to try. Each meal includes one “adult” portion. I was planning on cooking and eating this with my boyfriend M so I just chose 2 of the same meals. I went with the Balsamic Steak and the Teriyaki Salmon.

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The Balsamic Steak recipe ingredients included a balsamic sauce, steak, string beans, and sweet mashed potatoes.


The Teriyaki Salmon ingredients were snow peas, cooked rice, salmon, and teriyaki sauce.

I already had a bad feeling when I saw the packaging and how little the ingredients were. There were only four ingredients for each meal. I was taken aback but hey, who said you needed a ton of ingredients to make a great meal? Still, the way the ingredients were packed into little microwavable black trays reminded me way too much of those frozen dinner trays you get for $1.99 at the grocery store. This didn’t look too appetizing.

It got worse when I saw the instructions for the meals.


The instructions for the salmon gave us a choice of cooking salmon in the microwave (yikes) or oven-baking it for 20 minutes. Microwaving raw fish sounds like a great way to overcook and dry out the fish. The two portions of fish were so small and thin that it just wasn’t worth it to wait 30 minutes and power up the oven (10 minutes to preheat the oven + 20 minutes of actual cooking) to cook two small fillets of fish. Therefore, M and I made the executive decision to pan fry it in a pan instead. The worst part was that the instructions for the rice and snow peas were to blast it in the microwave. The description for this recipe said the greens would turn out crispy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Chef M (M for microwave) cooked it so of course the snow peas came out dry and withered and the rice came out so coarse and dehydrated that it was like chewing on rubber. The fish tasted great (thank god we pan fried it instead).


The steak dinner just wasn’t great. The sweet mashed potatoes were seasoned and fine. Still, instructions for both the string beans were to have Chef M handle it. Like the snow peas, the string beans came out withered and dry. Similar to the salmon, the steak was small and thin.

Is it worth it? 

Our meals turned out fine but was GoReadyMade worth it?



Overall Score – F (37.5%)

Where do I even start. Compared to my last experience with HelloFresh (another meal prep service), this was…lacking and disappointing.

Taste – 3/10


You can see how dry the string beans are from using Chef Microwave.

Both meals were edible but It wasn’t great. I can’t see myself ever eating this again. The sides were dry (from microwaving) and the protein portions were small. The sizes of the meals are supposed to be “adult portions” and I am a small girl, but it wasn’t enough for me. M and I had to place the meals on a smaller plate because on our regular plates, the meals looked like a child’s portion. The only saving grace here is that the salmon tasted yummy, but then again, we disregarded the instructions for that and seasoned it ourselves…

Fun – 0/10

I think fun is an important factor to consider because meal prep services are supposed to feel less like cooking and more like a novel experience similar to a cooking class. Microwaving and frying stuff just wasn’t fun. The subpar taste didn’t help with this either.

Convenience – 10/10

The process was simple and easy. There was essentially nothing to do except microwaving and pan-frying. The instructions were easy to follow although somewhat vague at times.

Cost – 2/10

With a coupon code, I paid $24.98 for their Go4 Box (4 portions or 4 meals). I essentially paid $6.25 per meal which isn’t bad. Their site usually offers meals ranging between $7.99-$11.99 per meal (depending on the plan) with shipping ranging from $3.99-$9.99. Their meals just aren’t worth this price. For the same costs you could reproduce these recipes at equal to or less than the prices offered for more/larger portions. The shipping is also high (probably due to shipping sizes and insulated packaging). If anything, HelloFresh was cheaper, provided more ingredients, and there were more detailed tips and instructions.

Overall Thoughts

This was just too similar to cheap, frozen microwave dinners for me. The meals didn’t taste good. The whole experience was disappointing. I would rather do more prep work with more ingredients and have a better tasting meal than microwave nearly everything for a dry one. I can’t help but compare this to HelloFresh and finding it lagging way behind in terms of taste, fun, and a worthwhile experience. Rather than waste your money with this, I recommend trying other services such as HelloFresh instead. I wasn’t sponsored by HelloFresh or GoReadyMade (I wish); these are just my own recommendations and thoughts.

Read my review on HelloFresh to find out why I think it’s a better choice for meal prep subscription services. Have you tried GoReadyMade? Let me know in the comments below!

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