Kicking It Back with a Classic✨ – Dinner Date 🍽️ and Restaurant Week

February 10, 2020

Sometimes the best dates are the classic dinner dates.🌃 You get to dress up, go somewhere with a romantic atmosphere, and eat good food.💃 It’s a fun, tried, and true way to spend time with someone and a great excuse to eat out at a place you don’t usually go to.

The Dinner

I went to Ocean Prime for Restaurant Week. If you aren’t familiar, Restaurant Week is when participating restaurants have a smaller set menu, offering a three course meal for a discounted price. For instance, I was able to enjoy a three-course meal for $35.

The Bread 🥖

I love breads! The white bread was warm and not that memorable, but I liked the pretzel bread.

The Appetizer 🍴

I had the Point Judith Calamari with Chili Sauce. The calamari were nicely crispy and paired well with the sweet and spicy sauce. I just wish the sauce had been placed on the side instead of drizzled on top, so I could have more of a choice in how much I wanted to indulge in it. The sauce was WAY TOO SPICY for me.🥵🔥 Also, because the calamari were drenched in it, some of the crispy calamari became soggy.

The Entrée🍷

What can I say? I’m consistent. I ordered the 8 oz filet mignon cooked to medium with mashed potatoes. The filet was cooked to perfection and went well with the sides.

The Dessert🍧

The best part of going to eat with someone is getting to share dessert! M got the Five Layer Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing and pineapple syrup while I got the sorbet. The carrot cake was way too sweet, and the texture was disappointing. The sorbet, however, was delicious! It tasted light and refreshing.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you prefer eating out or staying in? Let me know in the comments!

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