Kpot Korean Bbq and Hot Pot – Yes Please

June 14, 2019

Hey loves! I hope you’re hungry because this post is all about our favorite topic – food! <3 I recently tried a new hot pot place and am super excited to tell you guys all about it.

KPOT is a restaurant serving Korean BBQ and hot pot. They recently opened a new restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.

What’s Korean BBQ/hot pot?

For all my readers who haven’t had either before, I am going to attempt to explain the experience. Typically for BBQ, you order marinated meats, vegetables, and other foods to share and cook the food directly from a grill on the table. (Think of it as literally indoor BBQ.) For hot pot, you also order various ingredients to share but depending on the restaurant, each person may have their own pot of soup or a shared one with the table to cook the ingredients. The whole experience is essentially a fun DIY dinner party.

first look of the restaurant – this is by the entrance

Before we dive in to the food photos…

My experience is a cumulative rating based on my three visits to this restaurant over the past few weeks.

A quick summary for reference:

  • First visit: I came with a larger group of friends (7+ people).
  • Second visit: I came with M (just us).
  • Third visit: I came with friends (6+ people).

All my visits were during their dinner time service on a Friday or Saturday. Unsurprisingly KPOT was always crowded. There was a wait during each of the visits, but we were seated quickly.  

My overall thoughts – 3.5/5

Taste – 4/5

I am speaking more on their hotpot than BBQ (I only tried the BBQ once). Their ingredients taste fresh and they offer a good variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables. However, I enjoyed their hot pot far more than their BBQ. The BBQ was just nothing special. Regarding their hot pot offerings, the ingredients are good. However, during my third visit, the restaurant ran out of their signature soup base and crabs which lessened the experience for me. For hot pot they offer several different soup bases. I have tried their KPOT Special Soup, Healthy Herbs, and Japanese Miso soup bases. I am terrible with spicy food, so I didn’t try any of their spicy soup base options but my friends who did enjoyed them. They could improve in their BBQ ingredient selection and do better to make sure they don’t run out of food (especially their signature soup base).

Healthy Herbs soup – my favorite of the soup bases because it’s light yet flavorful and aromatic

I almost forgot to mention; they also have a sauce bar. I recommend trying their signature KPOT sauce. It compliments the food well.

Service – 2.5/5

Although the place is always packed, wait was never an issue. The hostess took down our phone number and sent us a text when our table was ready. Most times, although the hostess says the wait will be 45 minutes, the actual wait will end up being 15 minutes or less. However, once seated service seems to be a coin toss. During my first visit, the service was attentive. The server took our orders and food came out in a timely manner. However, during my second visit the ingredients came out before our soup base and the server rarely visited our table, so we had to wait a while before ordering more food. During the third time, the server was attentive and responsive however, food took a long time to come out and there were multiple instances where food we didn’t order also came to our table. While dinner service can be a hectic time in the restaurant, clearly the restaurant needs to develop a better system because it is so chaotic that customers can feel it. In fact, we also found some dirty sauce bowls on top of the “clean” sauce bowls. I pointed this out to the servers who apologized and took the dirty bowls away.

Value – 4/5

KPOT offers all you can eat hot pot OR BBQ for $24.99 or both for $27.99 for dinner options during the week. During the weekend, it hosts all day dinner at an additional $1 (so $25.99 for hot pot or BBQ and $28.99 for both). I am not sure why it charges an extra dollar on the weekend. You get the same options; the only difference is the day you’re dining. Maybe it is because they know weekends are busier and so they can generate more revenue on those more popular days? I eat a lot and I enjoy quality and variety so $25 or $26 for all you can eat is a good deal for me. Usually restaurants do really well after opening but struggle to maintain standards. Hopefully, this will not be the case for KPOT.

Atmosphere – 3.5/5

The restaurant has a nice modern design. It’s a good place to eat with friends and family. The restaurant seems new and clean. However, the chaos and confusion happening with orders negatively affects the dining experience here.

Some notes

If you are a big fan of hot pot, I would recommend giving this place a try. I am not sure if this is the best place for BBQ. However, if you plan on going with a larger group, you may want to go a bit earlier as there tends to be a wait because of how crowded the place gets. Also, they don’t take reservations.

Thanks for reading this and I hope this gives you a better idea of whether you want to give this place a try. If you have eaten here before, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Like more food posts? Let me know by showing love to this post. 😊

~Until next time

V <3

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