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July 24, 2019

Hey peeps! I have been super inspired by summer styles lately (and the sales have been a wonderful motivator too). Today I’m bring you along with me for a summer try-on haul. Looking for trendy pieces on a budget? You’ll love this! Without further ado, let’s have some fun and get to the try – on. 😊

Let’s go on a picnic date!

This look is so cute! The top has a nice ruche design that flatters the body. You can loosen or tighten the top and it is a versatile piece that you can pair with any skirt, jeans, or flowy shorts. I would note that the fabric is thin but not to the point that it is see-through. The skirt hugs in all the right places and is high-waisted.

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Fulfilling Your Green Highlighter Dreams.

I feel like a kiwi or green highlighter.

This is a LOOK. I never wear green, but this shade was too pretty to pass up! Unfortunately, the fit just wasn’t for me. The straps are nonadjustable; too long for me and the fabric wrinkles very easily.

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Channeling Your Inner Fitness Influencer

Can you tell I have been into monochrome sets? I got this set because I need it for my intense workouts – NOT. I just thought this outfit was incredibly cute and looked comfy enough to be my errand/pajamas/all-around outfit.

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The American Popsicle

Both top and bottoms were separate, but I decided to try them on together. As I am writing this I realize I look like those red, white, and blue popsicles the ice cream man sells on his truck. The top is more of a thermal fabric and the bottoms are soft, fleece shorts.  

*edit: It turns out they’re actually called “Bomb Pops”. Here’s what the popsicles look like.

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Tumblr / Visco Girl

This outfit gives me visco girl vibes. If you’re not sure what that is, check out Urban Dictionary’s definition.

Me trying to convince myself that wearing white without staining is possible and not at all unrealistic.

I love the skirt (yay for white clothing that isn’t transparent and is wearable), but I’m worried about how long it will last with my terrible track record of staining clothes with food.

The top is cute but the straps are too long for me. Also, it has a weird design. In order to wear it you have to clasp it from the back, so assistance is needed with this one.

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Have you ever wanted to look like the embodiment of sunshine that you are? Well, this is it. I have had my eye on this top for months, but it was too pricey. I’m so glad it finally went on sale so I could get it. I paired this with the yellow gingham skirt since I think it looks cute as a monochrome combo too.

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The Preppy Girl

This look screams “I am about to go to the mall with my cute girlfriends” or something. It’s a fun look that photographs well. The top is a light weight knit that buttons up from the front. It is not too cropped and pairs well with high waisted skirts like this one. The pink brings a pop of color that brings together the outfit.

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Which are your favorites?

Do we have a similar style? I am no fashion guru but love dabbling with different styles and looks on a budget. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Let me know which pieces you loved (or didn’t like) in the comments below. Should I do more fashion posts?

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