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Target Date!

January 7, 2019

Happy New Year! I hope your new year has been amazing so far!

Sometimes, I don’t want to go anywhere fancy and I get tired of just being a ham at home, so I like a nice in-between sort of date. I wanted to do something that wouldn’t leave me completely broke and tired, but nice and relaxed afterwards- so I dragged M to TARGET! 😊

The Target Trap

So, I might have fallen into the Target trap. Everyone goes into Target to get one thing they need, but somehow end up getting a bunch of things and leaving the store hours later. In my defense, I did have a list of things I wanted to get…but then their snack and holiday goodies section got me!

If you don’t believe that the Target Trap exists, check out their Twitter, or just google “Target memes” for proof (because I swear I am not the only one who gushes over Target).

me basically :’D

Goodies and other stuff I “needed”

I love food <3 so of course we ended up with a mini snack haul. We got some chips, strawberry flavored Pocky sticks, Annie’s bunny fruit snacks, and instant ramen.

the blur on the left is from my hand haha

I know it’s only January, but there were such cute and budget friendly Valentine’s items I couldn’t resist. Not to mention, just useful, cute stuff in general. I put prices here to give you an idea of how much I spent on the random things that weren’t on my original shopping list.

  • Disney Book and Wood art kit for M and I to color together. – $3

Every year I like to put together a little Valentine’s Day surprise for my sister. I think of Valentine’s day as a day to express love, not just a holiday exclusive to couples. I don’t remember when this started, but it’s something I like to do every year (last year I got her and my mom flowers 😊).

  • I got her this mini art set. It’s a picture of a hedgehog that says “Wanna snuggle?”. She could paint it and have it as décor for her room. – $1
  • I also got her a little charm jewelry kit. It’s cute and I think would be fun for her to do. -less than $5 (I forgot how much this one was exactly)
  • I needed a planner and this one was so cute! – $3 (Yep, just $3!)
  • Scented markers – $1
  • I have been wanting a yoga mat for a while to get back into exercising more often (I used to do mini daily yoga exercises and dancing) so this will be great for that – $7
  • Wireless phone charger (M actually picked this out for me) – $5

10/10 would recommend

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing date idea or hang out activity, I highly recommend heading to Target. Just a word of advice, if you don’t have the best willpower or resistance to affordable and cute items, I would recommend going with someone who does. Without M, I would’ve ended up with a bunch of cute bowls, tech stuff, bath bombs, and more Valentine’s day décor I didn’t need :’D. His favorite lines are “Do you need it?”, “What are you going to use that for?”, and “I thought you were trying to save up…” lol. For more fun date ideas, check out my IKEA date post.

Just a few questions for you – What would/do you get from Target? Who would you take with you to Target? Let me know and comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

~Until next time

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