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🍰🥭The Pastry Saga Continues – Making a No-Bake Mango Mousse Pie!

January 27, 2020

Hey lovelies! One of my favorite fruits is mango and I have been craving something light and sweet!🥭 After becoming a mango mousse “expert” (by watching a ton of baking videos on mango cake), I decided to improvise and make my own mango mousse cake pie!

I didn’t have a cake pan so I decided to use a pie tin instead. What could possibly go wrong?

After looking at many different recipes, I decided to go with the No-bake Mango Mousse Cake recipe from missevabakes since it seemed easy, fun, and delicious!

Minor Challenges

  • Different Tin – The recipe used a cake tin, but I went with a pie tin instead. I ended up generally keeping the amount of ingredients the same and it worked for the recipe. The only thing I swapped out were the digestive biscuits. I used graham crackers instead and adjusted the amount to coat the bottom of the pie tin.
  • Gelatin – This was the most intimidating part mostly because of how many ways this can go wrong. It helps the mousse set and can affect the texture. I used gelatin powder instead of sheets and it worked out well!
  • Timing – The recipe stated to set the first layer of mousse overnight but since I was using a thin pie tin, I ended using the freezer to try and expedite the process. The pie overall set in 5 hours using the freezer and fridge.


The mango mousse pie doesn’t look the most appealing since I didn’t spread the top layer smoothly enough, but it tasted so yummy!😋 For a no-bake recipe, it was easy to make and enjoyable, so I consider it a success. 😊

The pie tin had a removable bottom that made it easy to take the pie out
step 1: crust crumb
step 2: mango mousse layer
step 3: mango mousse gel layer after chilling
The pie tin left a cute scallop impression on the mousse
Super messy but glad it tasted right and the layers are distinct!

What should I bake next?

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Until next time,

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