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Top 10 BEST Things to Do in Jacksonville, Florida

April 1, 2019

Have the travel bug but don’t know where to go? Head on over to Jacksonville, Florida! It’s the breezy, non-tourist infested beach city full of great food and lovely weather. Lucky for me, my cousin’s wedding was in Jax so I got the chance to come a few days earlier to explore the city. I had an incredible time and wanted to share some Jax hotspots with you. Get ready and get set for some Florida fun! 😊

1. Waffle House

Waffle House: 1072 Airport Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218

M (my boyfriend) and I landed in Jax around 10AM, famished and devoid of energy. We headed to Waffle House with my cousin, Entre (he lives in Jax) and went to a spot he recommended, Waffle House. The food was a nice welcome to Jax. The place has a small diner feel (despite being a chain restaurant) and comfort food that’s good for someone who needs some energy.

I got the All-Star Special (only $8.20 for everything here). The pecan waffles were <3 .
M got the breakfast bowl. I stole some bites and I have to say the hash browns are delicious!

2. Jacksonville beach

Although it was a bit too chilly out to go to the beach (or so we thought) we decided to check out Jacksonville beach. Although it was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit out, there were plenty of people swimming and tanning. There isn’t much of a boardwalk but they have a little pier ($1 to walk on the pier) and restaurants along the beach.

view from the pier

3. The Juicy Crab

The Juicy Crab: 1115 S Mary Susan Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Afterwards, we checked into our Airbnb and dropped off our stuff. We made a quick stop to Target (to get some snacks and drinks) and relaxed a bit before heading over to the Juicy Crab. I have been craving fresh seafood for WEEKS so I was determined to live my dining dreams in Jax. If you do a quick search of “best seafood in Jax” or do a 10-minute drive around the city, you’ll notice there are tons of highly rated seafood places. We ended up going to The Juicy Crab based on Google reviews, Yelp, and a local’s endorsement (my cousin).

Talk about a flavor explosion!
Cajun fries? Yes, please!

AHHH! <3 <3 <3 I am in love with this place. Their crawfish and snow crab legs are filled with flavor and simply delicious! I am a huge fan of their house and garlic butter sauces. A must-try! Also, the corn and potatoes are phenomenal!  

4. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

12224 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Can you guess what flavor we got?

Of course there’s always room for dessert! After the food, I was full of energy and not quite ready to call it a night so we ended up driving to downtown Jax and stopping by Friendship Fountain for a little walk.

5. Maple Street Biscuit Company

2004 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Nothing truly says good morning like a warm, crispy breakfast biscuit. For breakfast, we headed to Maple Street Biscuit Company. The café serves a variety of biscuit sandwiches that are interesting, filling, yet surprisingly well proportioned and flavorful. Even better, all their dishes are homemade and fresh! You know the feeling when you eat a lot of carbs or something heavy and you feel like you just need to roll over and just lie down? Not here – the biscuit sandwiches were delightfully perfect, not too heavy at all. We both got some fresh orange juice which complimented the biscuits wonderfully. M got the Five and Dime, a chicken biscuit sandwich with a fried egg and their signature gravy. I got the Farmer, a chicken biscuit with cheese, bacon, and their scrumptious apple butter. 🙂

Upper left: The Five and Dime
Lower right: The Farmer


The café is embedded in a cute little shopping district full of boutiques and other interesting shops so it’s an awesome place to explore and walk around.

6. MOSH – Museum of Science and History

MOSH: 1025 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207

If you are interested in learning and are a fan of science and history, Jax has a cool, small museum, MOSH. Tickets are affordable ($15/person) and they also offer discounts if you are a student (bring your ID). Their animal exhibit and planetarium show (included in your admission ticket) were my favorites.

7. Friendship Fountain

The museum is also right next to Riverwalk and Friendship Fountain which is a nice place to take a walk around.

Friendship Fountain

8. Boiling Crawfish

8358 Point Meadows Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Remember my obsession with seafood? Well, welcome to round 2. We tried a different place this time, the Boiling Crawfish. The seafood was flavorful, and the sauce had a kick to it that made it simply addicting.


4852 Town Center Pkwy #101, Jacksonville, FL 32246

I am a huge fan of ramen so I had to check out Jax’s popular ramen place, Domu. The place was modern, chic, and definitely a great place for photos. Surprisingly, the ramen broth was more of a sweet and mellow taste compared to the more salty and savory flavors I’m used to at other ramen shops.

The “Tokyo”
It has shoyu chicken broth, fried chicken thigh, ajitama brulee, kikurage, seared garlic chives, infused duck fat, and garlic scallion confit.

The “Richie Rich”
It has miso – shoyu pork bone broth, chashu, ajitama brulee, kikurage, scallions, fried garlic, black garlic oil, and domudama.
The “DOMU Wings” were extra crispy and a nice appetizer to go with the ramen.

10. Kilwins Jacksonville

10281, Midtown Parkway, Ste 125, Jacksonville, FL 32246

We wrapped up our trip with some delicious ice cream. Kilwins has lots of candies and treats in addition to ice cream. It’s was also one of the few ice cream spots open later.

M being my hand model for photos as usual. :’D
We got Georgia Peach and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Things to know if you are planning a visit

  • If you are creating an itinerary, make sure to check opening and closing times for the restaurants and locations of interests. Many restaurants close midday (2:00 PM – 5:00 PM) and operate only during normal lunch hours and close until dinner times.
  • Rent a car – it is money well spent. Jacksonville has a lot of connected highways, so it is pretty efficient and quick to drive across the big city.
  • Do some quick research beforehand of places you would like to check out. You don’t need to have a detailed list but having some general idea of places you would like to visit can be helpful to give yourself some flexibility and save time when you’re hungry or are looking for interesting places to go.

Overall, the trip was amazing and just what I needed to jump start into spring! I hope this is helpful for you in planning your next adventure! Have you been to Jax or any of these spots before? Let me know in the comments below! Show love if you liked this post. <3

I actually recorded some clips of the trip, so let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a travel video. 😊

~Until next time

Snugs <3

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